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Down the Well

Welcome all new members to the world beyond
Inuyasha canon. We encourage you to explore
the group thoroughly as well as participate in any
activities, contests, and challenges there will be
now and in the future. If you wish to join the admin
team then please note the founder of the
group with why you should be on the team.
Those on the admin team are expected to be
very active. But you don't have to be on the team
to help out. You can help out by advertising
our group, sending ideas to the admin team
or by inviting your friends to join the group.
However above all we hope you have fun!

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Inuyasha the Final Act in English!Okay I know some of you may already know about the exciting development but others may not! Inuyasha the Final act was released in 2009 in Japan but not it is destined to be dubbed into an English version. Already are beloved voice-actors are working on it this very minute. Unfortunately not all of them will be returning. The people who played Kagome and Sesshomaru are to be replaced in the last addition of Inuyasha.
Playing Kagome Higurashi is Kira Tozer who played Viveca in Barbie and the Three Musketeers. Here is a sample of her voice, Link: , now be aware that voice actresses change their voice a bit per character so it may sound different when it actually is dubbed in Inuyasha.
Playing Sesshomaru is Michael Daingerfield who has played a number of voice overs including:
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (TV) as Hanada (eps 21-22); Police Officer (ep 24)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Individual Eleven (OAV) as Coast Guard; Sato S




1. Artwork uploaded to the group must be your own. It cannot be commission work done for you that you have uploaded (Unless of course it is commissioned and the artist gave you legal right of ownership and you link back to original artist) and it cannot be traced, though it can be heavily referenced. No screen shots or bases will be permitted.

2. References used must be cited, with links to original galleries if the users are on dA.

3. Work must have Inuyasha content (OCs or Inuyasha characters). Crossovers are allowed in other universes, so long as at least one character is from Inuyasha (ie. Kagome in the Zelda universe).

4. WIPs are allowed but must go into the W.I.P. folder for Critiquing perposes.

5. All pairings are allowed. (This goes for canon, non-canon, ocXcharacter, Yaoi, Yuri, ext…)

6. Deviations must adhered to DeviantART rules (ie. no underage mature content, no tracing).

7. Respect everyone and their opinions in the group, including when you are in the chat room. Harassment will not be tolerated and if found out you will be banned.

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We are the team that keeps this place running in tip top shape! If you would like to be a part of this team to. You must note the GROUP and apply for the job. If you get said job you must be active in your duties. This will be reviewed by founder and other admins.


Actual Age:
Age of DArt account:
Position you would like:
Contributor or Co-founder
(Just so you know, you will regardless start out as a contributor and based on how well you do. You can work your way up to Co-founder)
Reasons you think you are qualified:
What you would do if given the position:
How active are you on here:
Anything else you would like to add:








Random from Favourites

"WE HAVE A NEW VILLAIN TO TAKE DOWN! If this were to go through, you would end up it could not only affect the this group but everyone! Deviantart and Tumblr easily could be affected! Artist will all be in danger. This ranks as high as SOPA did. Everyone! Please educate yourself! Together we must work and save the internet. Lets take them down! OTAKUS GO!!" ~Karlee (founder)


Net Neutrality stamp by Rhynn

Is summer over for you guys as well :( ..yeah it's a bummer, but hey check out these cool oc's! :)

A Sweetness In Her Look by Angel-Dust-RyuukiYour It by Soyo-Kaze-StudioMother's Wisdom by YoukaiYumeHermanos by xCaeliKagome and Aki by xCaeliSole Storytellers characters by Reenigrl.Shikori. by Kairou-no-Kimiolder shippo :3 and friends by ariea-chanHappiness by loreley25Skythe and Reika by SolkattYoung Akiko by EpicRacharaptorTobikau 2 by DonaruieShow and Tell by lila-meRootsloveeee by ymstrImitando el ending by xCaelianother feudal love story by 1amm1Like father, like son by Divine-NatakuTaisho Sibs by YoukaiYumeRengokukujimaru by RurouniGemini83Tata x Gogo- Lean on Me by missmjwilsonSHE- A Chick A Merc and A Wolf by missmjwilsonMy Valentine by Reenigrl.+His Little Blossom+. by InuKagomeluvrsMy Inuyasha OC: Misaki by RoseLunaConfident Smile by RurouniGemini83the beginning - Irynia's story by LuminosionWorthy..? by AdulationDaddy's little girl by mylittlejoyA Dire Misunterstanding by PeagreenSesshomaru and company by FanasYMother and Daughter by sadieB798comm-mj-tata hurt by roryaliceFox Kit Toys by Animaker131Autumn by NattiKayShippo and Emi by SESHOYASHAJUNIORAT: Mizu and Sesshomaru by Noopy10AT: A shoulder to lean on by annria2002Comm-mjw-S.H.E. PromCrowning by roryaliceWinter Outing by AdulationCommission - SesshoumaruXHikari by KuroshinjiGiddyup 'final' by Soyo-Kaze-StudioMy Darling Akatsuki by ChocolateSprinkleTFKA Little Peck by RacheruColoredSessMimiRu by bluebellangel19smjSaiya, Lone Wolf by Bozphinsesshuke and kimi-inuyashaNG by 1amm1Newborn by loreley25Last Breath v.2 by aruarian-dancerWaiting for you. by FanasYSesshomaru:YouAre MyOtherHalf by Sessy-LadyTudor .:Reference Sheet:. by KyaValentineSessRin babies by PamianimeAm I human or am I demon? by WhiteRiceLoverTakumi - AFFT by MarieJane67777Inuyasha OC by ChantelligenceYasufumi by ChantelligenceTabisa Nekosan Fullpower by TabisaNekosanSesshikiya Vs Cobram by bluebellangel19smjdraw again kiba and ookami by AnimeEmo13With You by WMcLaughlin56Kagura, Meet Kagura by sentinel28a

Want to feature someone for next month? Send a note to the co-founder supermangageek23! next theme is September: Back to the Future
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I advise everyone to read this Doujinshi ^_^ I am sure that she all interested ))




SesshoumaruxYume - InuYasha…


Two long lost friends seperated by war but reunited by her death. After many long years Yume has lost all memory of her child hood freind . As Yume is about to fall into the world of Eternal darkness she is rescued by a handsome demon with long silver hair and the mark of a crescent moon on his forehead. This man seems so familiar to her but at the same time a stranger. Will Yume ever find out who this handsome man is that saved her from death? Or will a new love bloom that will recover her hidden memories of a long lost past.

chylenn Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you for adding my Sess/Rin art! 
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I invite everyone in the group dedicated pair KohaRin - ^_^

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